Prepare for Semicha

Are you interested in learning in preparing for Semicha?

Are you interested in learning Shulkan Aruch in an organized and intensive study program?

Do you want to benefit from the experience of thousands over the last twenty years who have already received their Semicha from the Israeli Rabbinate?

..Then the best selling series of Rav Shmuel Kedar Z’tsl :

Shu”t Heichal Shlomo, Halacha Shnuna, and Tosefet Ohel will help you accomplish the task

The series includes:

Detailed answers to all the questions that were asked on all the previous Semicha tests of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Clear and easy to remember summaries of the material,

Actual present day Halachic issues and their answers,

Tables diagrams and learning schedules.

14 best selling volumes on:

Isser ve Heter, Shabbat, Eruvin, Nida, Mikvaot, Avelut, Berachot, Tefilla and Hilchot Bet HaKnesset.