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Meet VirtualGeula

VirtualGeula is your personal bibliographer. We do our utmost to help you find the Sefer you need directly from the publisher, author, distributor, or dealer. If it is out of print we often find a used copy or can help you order a facsimile copy from a scan at a fair price.

The VG Seforim in Demand catalog looks like a bookstore but it is different. These are Seforim that we found for our members over the past 25 years. We do not have a store or a warehouse. We are your agents. We search and find a copy of the Sefer you need among dozens of dealers and send you the sellers contact information !

We take a personal interest in your Seforim needs. Our registered Subscribers may also request pickup, packing and shipping services.

The Judaica Archival Project was founded as a Preservation and Access Project for Jewish books, in Jerusalem in 1986 with the blessings of leading Rabbis and scholars. is the website of JAP since 1997. Since 2004 almost every Sefer searched for on VG has been recorded in our Seforim in Demand Catalog. is our new website for Seforim research and bibliography.

Placing an order

Sign up

First click on the Registration form link on the top blue Navigation Bar. Please note we recommend to choose a Membership plan. We will send you an email to confirm your registration. From now on simply reply to our email for your Seforim requests

Identifying your request

Please try to spell the full and exact Hebrew title, and if possible the author and edition. If you know the URL address where you saw it in on the web, please quote it. We will email you for any clarifications needed.

Our reply

After we receive your order we will email you to clarify any missing details. Then we will quote you an approximate price. If the Sefer is not listed on our website catalogs we will send you a Paypal Link to pay for a Search fee.


In general any Sefer printed more than three years ago is no longer available in bookstores. Sometimes we find the author has a few copies left. Sometimes we find almost new copies by book dealers. Sometimes we recommend printing a single bound copy from a digital scan. We will always send you a price quotation or estimate first. If you approve the quote we will send a Paypal payment link immediately after.


In some cases we may be able to send it to you via the shipper of your choice. In other cases we will arrange for the seller to drop-ship to you. Sometimes we will send you the seller's contact info to buy it directly from him. In general, VirtualGeula is no longer picking up, repacking and shipping remote books for non-members.


for faster service


If you become a Member or a Subscriber your orders will be prioritized. (Please note we prefer small lists of up to 5 titles at a time. If you have a longer list please prioritize your requests and send the less urgent ones later.)

Search History

What do you know about this Sefer and what is your planned use? Please tell us a few words. Did you already try to buy this Sefer elsewhere? Please let us know so we don't repeat your steps and charge you unnecessarily

Your Price limit

Instead of asking for a pre-quote please set a price limit for your purchase and we will buy the Sefer at the lowest price available within your limit. Similarily please give us a deadline since searches can take up to 6 weeks. Please warn us if you are planning to order this Sefer simultaneously from other bookstores.

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Shipping calculator

As of 1-06-2023 default shipping will be via Fedex at the International Economy rate. For example a one kilo Sefer to the USA would cost 130 shekels and would deliver in 7-15 days. Detailed pricing may be viewed HERE.

Local packages will be sent with Doar Yisrael postal couriers at a standard rate of 65 shekels.

Shipping from Israel

Shipping or Seforim pickups may be arranged directly with the Book Seller.


In Isreal

Shipping will be via Fedex International Economy rate wherever this service is available.

Bulk Shipping

Inexpensive but uninsured and untracked surface shipping to the USA is available to NYC and Lakewood NJ. Please inquire.

Default shipping will be via postal courier – שליחי דואר

1-3 day delivery (Sun-Thurs. only)

Low Priority bulk mail:

Uninsured, untracked, low cost shipping for boxes over 10 kilo in Israel is available via regular parcel post.

Please inquire

  • Packing and handling is 20 shekels per parcel and 30 shekels for parcels over 5 kilo.
  • By default all shipments have tracking numbers
  • Default shipping is via Fedex International Economy
  • Prior to actual packing and weighing your shipment, we can only estimate shipping costs.
  • All Fedex packages are insured for $100 by default.
  • Business or office addresses are highly preferable. Often home deliveries are returned to Israel if no one opens the door to sign!
  • If you are visiting Jerusalem or know a visitor who will pickup your Sefer you can save on shipping

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