Seforim Exchange

"וכן לקנות ספרים ללמוד בהם ולהשאילן לאחרים ללמוד בהם"

(ש"ך יורה דעה רמט)


If you printed a Sefer or collect Seforim this is your opportunity do a Mitzva and also make some money.

Sell your Sefer to the next Jew who wants to learn it. 

Orthodox Jewish books in Hebrew and other languages are accepted.

These ads are offered to registered VirtualGeula Members and Subscribers only

Contact us or after you fill out a purchase form for a book or service you will receive our email address.

Everyone from the general public can shop on the VG Seforim in Demand Catalog to buy your Sefer.


The Seforim in Demand Catalog now includes direct sales from: authors, distributors, bookstores and collecters or dealers 

including anyone who wants to recycle his private collection.

Now you can sell on Virtual together with the website owner like on E-Bay.

Buyers will contact you directly to arrange for payment and delivery.

Alternatively members can ask the website owner to handle their sales via the SSL shopping cart with major international credit cards in exchange for a small markup and handling fees which are passed on to the buyer.


All new sellers must become a VG Member or Subscriber.

VG Members will receive one free book ad and VG Subscribers will receive three free book ads

After using their free ads Members and Subscribers may buy advertising packages.

Please contact us by email with details of the kinds and quantities of Seforim you wish to sell on VG so we can send you a quote

We will contact you by phone to help you start using the catalog form.

After submission, approved books will be posted online within a week. 


All ads will appear in the VG “Seforim in Demand” online catalog and will remain there until you cancel your ad

Please let us know when your Sefer has been sold out !

If you want to display your Sefer on the opening page, for an extra monthly fee, please let us know.

Seforim posted will remain indefinitely until you ask for removal or when you cease to be a paying member/subscriber.

More options


Book Pics are recommended but optional. Only listings with pics will appear on the opening page of the catalog. You can upload one cover pic and up to 4 inside pics for each book. We will instruct you how to upload using our cataloging form. Alternatively if you are not computer savvy we can post your Sefer and pictures for a one-time fee.

The Fine Print

The owner/moderator has the right to reject any Sefer or Seller as inappropriate to the site. VG assumes no responsibility for buyers or sellers complaints, but sellers who do not deliver as promised, will be fined by having all their books removed from the system. Whenever a seller discontinues his membership or subscription his books or his email identifier will be erased. All communications regarding postings from registered members must be sent to this email and the moderator will try to reply within a week.

Worth being

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