About Us

Who are we ?

The Judaica Archival Project was founded as a non-profit project (Amuta) in Israel to promote Jewish Study. The Project seeks to be self-supporting through the sale of our research and sourcing services.










The Judaica Archival Project (JAP) was founded in conjunction with the Torah Microfiche Library of the Joseph Rudman Foundation of Far Rockaway in 1985 to preserve and copy rare Rabbinic printed Seforim 

An agreement was reached with the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem to place a dedicated microfilm camera in the library to copy rare Seforim including those that are suffering from paper acidification

Private grants are obtained from the Stern Foundation, Friedberg Foundation, Maxwell Foundation, Memorial Foundation, Brachfeld Family, Diena Family and others

An application is made  to the National Endowment of the Humanities together with Touro College of New York which missed a million dollar grant by one vote.

The VirtualGeula Website is opened and the Microfiche Project is discontinued as we adapt to new information technologies including a new scanning-reprinting-binding service.

The Seforim in Demand Catalog and Shopping Cart facility are initiated to enable the broader public easy access to early prints and hard to find editions.

Our website is reorganized functionally into the the Finding Service, the Seforim in Demand Catalog and the Publishers Showcase.

VirtualGeula.org is launched in a new domain to further clarify our multi-function approach toward Jewish research and sourcing services



JAP/VirtualGeula has delivered to scholars over 10,000 small editions, out of print or rare Seforim for Jewish study


JAP/VirtualGeula has helped 150 publishers and 2500 authors to advertise their Seforim


JAP/VirtualGeula has helped 5000 laymen, Rabbis and students to find source materials