B"H Elul 1 5783

B"H we have retired after 30 years.

For now, VirtualGeula can assist registered Members and Subscribers with seller information only.

Seforim will no longer be picked up or shipped.

This site will be going offline at the end of the year unless a new owner is found.


Find books that Seforim stores claim are unavailable

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Who are we?

We have helped thousands of

individuals acquire new, old and rare Seforim.

Why is this important?

A printed Sefer

is the most effective way

to study Torah


VirtualGeula is a Seforim finding service for Rabbis, academics, scholars, and students .

VirtualGeula offers a complete sourcing service for Sifrei Kodesh. We speciallize in finding Seforim from small publishers, or Seforim self-published by authors and Seforim that are out of print.

Our Seforim in Demand Catalog displays thousands of Seforim we found for our users over the last 20 years. Select a Sefer and put in your shopping cart. We will email you a current quote including pickup and shipping. After you accept our quote we will get it from the least expensive seller, package it carefully, and ship it to you internationally or locally.

If the requested Sefer is out of print we usually can find an almost new or good condition used copy, a parallel edition, or a beautiful bound digital reprint.

If your requested Sefer is not listed in any of our catalogs please become a Member of the Search Service. We will email you a quote for any Sefer including a finding fee, pickup and shipping costs. Your first search is free.

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39,000 Seforim listed here since 1997

Our Seforim in Demand Catalog has 4000 listings.

Our Publishers Showcase section has thousands more listings.

We have been helping people find Seforim since 5755

The National Library of Israel has over 5 million Hebrew books catalogued …

A large percentage of these are classic Sifrei Kodesh.

However only a tiny percentage are in print today.

Why ?

Today, researchers are using online Seforim Databases. As a result many major works are out of print, and are likely to remain so. Reprinting is no longer commercially viable.

If you prefer to study from an original printed Sefer you may be "in a bind".

If you want to source a specific Sefer yourself it may take you weeks or months or years…

We are the only "one-stop" Seforim Sourcing service on the Web.

Benefits of our service

1. We love searching for your Sefer

Most Seforim stores and websites simply say "Sorry we don"t carry that Sefer"., or "Sorry it's no longer available". At Virtual Geula we actually enjoy being your personal Seforim "detective" and bibliographer. Our success rate and providence B"H is amazing.

2. We keep searching for your Sefer until you say stop

Every request from a registered user is taken seriously. Either we find you a new copy or offer you a used copy or a scanned facsimile or we come to the conclusion that the Sefer was never printed.

3. Members or Subscribers are our trusted clients

Our members are our trusted customers. Members or Subscribers pay a small one time fee and their membership continues indefinitely or until a year passes without a request. We find and purchase the Seforim you need right away on the basis of your previous purchases. Members know we will charge fair prices and because of their confidence we relate to their orders first.

Do you love "antique" Seforim? Are you a collector?

You can post your Seforim from your personal collection on VirtualGeula.com..

Become a member and send us a wishlist or details of Seforim you have for sale?

What you will find on VirtualGeula that you won't find elsewhere …

Listings of popular Seforim that are readers have requested

Browse the "Seforim in Demand" Catalogue. It includes all kinds of Seforim that our users have requested

Israeli Publishers

We represent many Israeli authors and publishers of new Seforim. Most of these are NOT on the Web

Self-Published Seforim

Today many Seforim are sold directly by the Mechaber (author). We can locate the author, buy the Sefer, and send it to you

Dedicated Bibliographic Service

If you heard of a Sefer you need and you have no idea where to find it.. We"ll find it, buy it and send it to you.

Do you see your Sefer on another website?

Do you see the Sefer you need on another website? Are you having trouble placing your order in Hebrew? Let us help.

Are you an author?

Small publisher or Machon?

Do you want an ad that lasts until you sell your last copy?

Advertise your Seforim for sale on VirtualGeula.com